Spot Delivery Insurance Program

What is “spot delivery” insurance coverage?

What is It?

State regulations and the conditional sales contract provides that when a customer does not have proof of insurance at the time of sale the automobile dealer can order insurance to protect their “security interest” and contingent liability in the vehicles they sell/lease. The Program is designed exclusively for auto dealers and there is no requirement for the dealer to have an insurance license since the dealer is ordering insurance coverage to protect their security interest and contingent liability in the vehicles they sell or lease. The minimum coverage limits offered in any approved state will meet the state mandated financial responsibility insurance coverage requirements. Dealers in approved states can instantaneously order spot delivery insurance coverage by simply installing the proper software and ordering coverage online with no forms to complete, sign or fax.

Benefits of Spot Delivery Insurance

Dealers can order and receive insurance coverage confirmation in less than 30 seconds.

All drivers are accepted. There is no danger of rejection nor is there any concern about the customers driving record, age, gender, license status or any other unnamed drivers in the household!

TOTAL DEALER CONTROL! No outside agent to call when the customer cannot provide proof of insurance at the time of sale! Program allows a dealer to safely deliver vehicles at any time 24/7! The guaranteed issue coverage is bound immediately by ordering coverage via the internet.

The Dealer is issued an annual policy but can order just the amount of insurance coverage necessary to get funded, usually between 4 and 30 days, which helps protect their gross.  Dealers can cancel the coverage pro-rata if the customer provides proof of alternative coverage. Dealers will be electronically notified with an insurance “hot sheet” 48 hours prior to the expiration of any policy.

As the named insured the dealer will be billed for the coverage ordered. This enables the dealer to timely cash their finance contracts by providing the lender with proof of coverage without delay! Each customer will be contacted and offered the opportunity to continue the coverage, at the same coverage limits ordered by the dealer, under their own personal auto policy.

Additional Coverage Provided Under This Policy With No Deductible