Atlantic Auto Aid GPS

Our SVR Tracking service enables lot owners to locate and recover their vehicles with live, real-time tracking, and provides stop verification, enabling them to determine potential locations for their vehicles. Alerts will flag owners, making them aware of events of interest. The application dashboard provides real-time graphs and detailed vehicle data suited to tighter control and accurate measurements of vehicle activity.

$79.00 GPS

Continuous Tracking

Every two minutes when moving. Stop verification. Four hour heartbeat when stopped. Airtime starts at install. Unlimited locates.

Low Battery Warnings

Low Battery Alerts allow you to create and edit Alerts for the Vehicle voltage at a level you select.

Amazing Maps

Choose one or more of your vehicles to view on the map. Click on the vehicle to view additional information such as address, status (moving or stopped) and time stopped.

Starter Interupt Service

SID controls the use of Starter Interrupt Devices (only when an SID has been installed).

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Tracking vehicles has never been so easy!

We Offer Great Support

Where can I get help?

The best way to get help is at � email support is monitored by numerous support staff and is usually the fastest approach. You can also contact your distributor or call SVR Tracking at 619-894-6091, but please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, Support tab, for commonly asked questions and answers.

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